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We love our new building!! Come by anytime and take a tour!




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Welcome to Classic Foods, Oregon and SW Washington's premier supplier of specialty foods to restaurants, hotels and institutions. We manufacture an extensive line of fresh pasta in house featuring artisan ravioli made with local seasonal ingredients. Our own line of herbs and spices is the best available, carefully selected to emphasize quality and freshness. We also pack our own line of nuts and dried fruits, and offer an extensive selection of Mediterranean and Asian imports.

We are proud of the lasting relationships we have built with customers, suppliers and local farmers. Because of this long-term approach and constant attention to detail, chefs and food professionals throughout the Pacific Northwest prefer Classic Foods' products.



Featured Products
New products available at Classic Foods:
Gorgonzola Dolcelatte is a triple cream DOP cows milk cheese from a small village near Milan. Characterized by flavors of sweet cream and Roquefort. It differs from its cousin, Mountain Gorgonzola, from Val D Aosta, as it is much milder, sweeter and more spreadable. Use it on salads, as an accompaniment to wine, in cream sauces or on pizza with caramelized onions. (3#)
De Nigris Balsamic Glaze - The Balsamic Glaze is a special thick cream made with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena as the main ingredient. In making our de Nigris Balsamic Moscatello Vinegar and White Balsamic Condiment, de Nigris employs the traditional Solera method of aging the juice of the Muscat grapes for several months inside the wooden casks. (27.2oz)

Hot Calabrese Peppers in Oil. These red chili peppers direct from the heart of the Calabria region of Italy have a distinct pallet stimulating flavor. Created using a blend of herbs, oils, and spices these peppers are an ideal ingredient in tomato sauces, and meat and fish dishes of Mediterranean cooking with a fiery twist. (5.7#)