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Beans, Grains & Legumes

riceThere are many places to find basic long grain white rice; think of Classic Foods when you need specialty varieties. European varieties include the types used in making risotto - Arborio and Carnaroli from Italy - and Paella Rice from the Valencia region of Spain. From Asia, we feature Jasmine from Thailand, Basmati from Pakistan, Himalayan Red, Chinese Black Forbidden and Purple Thai sticky rice. American varieties include California-grown Wild Rice, Calrose for making sushi, and Lundberg's organic Short Brown, Wild Blend, Wehani and Black Japonica..

We feature a large selection of whole grain items from local miller Bob's Red Mill as well as other importers. Many organic grains are available including locally milled Whole Wheat Flour, Polenta, old fashioned Rolled Oats and Quinoa. Coarse White Polenta for making grits and various Granolas and Multigrain cereals are other popular whole grain items.

Bean choices include Cannelini, giant Corona and many ancient heirloom varieties. Lentil offerings include tiny Black Beluga, peppery petite green French du Puy and Red Lentils grown in the Palouse region in Eastern Washington.