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Meat & Seafood

meatWe stock quality products from Fratelli Beretta, one of Italy's best producers of fine meats. True Italian Prosciutto di Parma is rubbed with salt and air cured for at least 13 months, and can only come from a specific region near Parma. Beretta goes a step further, aging theirs a full 14 months, resulting in a truly rich and buttery tasting product. Slice it paper thin and serve wrapped around fresh melon, on pizza, pasta or antipasti. Beretta also makes domestic salami including a rustic Sopressata as well as Genoa and Toscano styles. Their Pancetta, Coppa (in Italy known as "the poor man's prosciutto"), Bresaola (air dried beef filet) and Chorizo - done in the traditional Spanish style - are all of superior quality.

We have beautiful Spanish Tuna, Bonito del Norte, which is far superior to the canned tuna we all grew up with. We also feature Spanish Boquerones - white anchovies marinated in oil and vinegar - Mediterannean Anchovies in olive oil, jumbo Spanish Sardines, as well as powerfully strong smelling dried Japanese Bonito flakes used to flavor Asian soups.