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BalsamicClassic Foods stocks a large selection of vinegars, featuring Balsamic Vinegar of Modena by De Negris of Afragola, Italy. De Negris was founded in 1889 and is still family owned. It is one of the largest Italian vinegar producers and we stock their commercially produced varieties including 6 Star, 12 Star and 25 Star. The higher the number of stars, the longer the aging, the higher the quantity of grape must, and the better the product's sweetness, mellowness and flavor. Because our balsamic vinegar is made from 100% grape must, it is superior to brands with added caramel color or sugar. We also carry White Balsamic for dishes in which a milder flavor is desired, and artisanal quality Gold Label, made entirely of Lambrusco and Trebbiano grape must and cooked in open copper kettles before being aged for decades in barrels made from five different woods. This is the real Aceto Traditionale di Modena and is certified by the Consorzio of Balsamic Producers.

vinegarsFruttati are fruit infused balsamic vinegars that are used to balance acidity with sweetness or when an aromatic sweeter flavor is desired. We have them available in Pear or Fig.

In addition to domestic Red Wine, White Wine and Apple Cider vinegars, we also carry specialty varieties including Moscatel from Spain which is aged 12 years in American oak and is a great finishing vinegar, French Dry White (Champagne style), Solera Spanish Sherry, Rice Wine - Seasoned or Unseasoned, and French Verjus, the juice from unripened green grapes.