Our Products

Specialty Foods from Around the World

We are always searching for new items that will offer unique and relevant flavors to our customers.  Our warehouse is stocked with high-quality products from Europe, South America, Asia and beyond.  We are proud of the lasting relationships we have built with our suppliers and farmers.

Made by Classic Foods

Classic Foods makes an assortment of timesaving products for our customers.  Our variety of pesto flavors, Chimichurri & Harissa sauces, roasted garlic & onion purees and marinated sun-dried tomatoes are prepared with the same care and quality ingredients that you would use if you had time.  We guarantee a consistent product that is sure to cut down on your prep time!

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We grate & shred parmesan and pecorino three times each week so we can offer a convenient product that contains no cellulose, anti-caking agents or mold inhibitors.  

One size doesn’t fit all!

At Classic Foods we know that one size does not fit all, so we sell a variety of products in assorted sizes.  Most of our dried fruit, nuts, beans, rice, grains, spices and flours come in one pound, five pound or twenty-five pound packages.  

Don’t need a whole wheel of cheese?  We offer wedges of our most popular cheeses so you only have to purchase what you can quickly use.

Proud Distributor of Local Products

We are enthusiastic supporters of local products and are excited to support other local companies by distributing their products!