Beth’s Sous Vide Hanger Steak with Arugula, Chevre, and Beets and Chevre Ravioli

Set your immersion circulator for 130 degrees.  In a plastic zip seal bag, add the hanger steaks, balsamic vinegar, EVOO, and rosemary.  try to pack them with as little air as possible and place in your immersion circulator.  Set your timer for 4 hours.  When there is 20 minutes left on your timer, prepare a pot to boil the ravioli with salted water. Begin to heat another pan to sear the steak, or a grill if that’s available.  Pull hanger steaks from vacuum pack and discard braising liquid.  Boil your ravioli and sear your steak for a minute on each side.  Prepare beds of arugula on plates, and after your steak is seared and rested, carve and place on top of your arugula, finish with sea salt and black pepper.  Drain your ravioli and place on top of the arugula as well. Top with crumbled chevre and finish with balsamic glaze.  Enjoy!