Pasta Central

Specializing in retail, restaurant and private label pasta programs for over twenty years! We believe high quality Northwest ingredients, the best pasta machines from Italy and a talented staff guarantee an excellent pasta for your plate.

Fresh Pasta

Made today and in your kitchen tomorrow!  Our long noodles are cut from laminated sheets and can be cut to your individual specifications.  Special or custom flavors can be made with a minimum order of 50#.

Extruded Pasta

Our extruded pasta shapes are made using traditional bronze dies, giving them the perfect rough surface for soaking up sauces.  


Stop by Classic Foods any day around 9:30 and you’re sure to catch the ravioli machine in action.  Standard flavors are available year around, but we love our seasonal flavors that highlight the very best from Oregon and Washington farms.  Asparagus, Heirloom tomatoes and chanterelle are some of the favorites!

Exclusive flavors are available for a minimum of 700#.

Cheese Tortellini

The newest addition to our pasta program! 

Our filling has a high ratio of parmesan, which delivers a rich cheese flavor, and the pasta is extra thin, giving our “little hats” a light delicate texture. 

Potato Gnocchi

A specialty of northern Italy, we make these delicious potato dumplings in house.  They are light and their large ridges are designed to hold lots of sauce.  In addition to traditional potato, we offer seasonal flavors like hazelnut, sweet potato and ricotta parmesan.  Available frozen in 2# bags.