General Ravioli Directions

Here are some general rules of thumb for preparing our frozen ravioli products:

Keep ravioli frozen until you’re about to cook them.  Pull the package out from the freezer right before starting to boil your water, that way, if you like, you can pull off a layer or two, and then put what you don’t need back into the freezer for best results and shelf life.  If they thaw before you boil them, sometimes the pasta can tear and the edges will be undercooked when the filling is done.

I like to use a quart of water for each 4 ravioli i’ll cook.  Salt the water prior to boiling, and taste it.  It should have the same salinity as seawater.  Once the water is at a rolling boil, add your ravioli, and stir to make sure they don’t stick.  In about 3-5 minutes, they’ll start floating as the water begins to boil again.  Keep them in the water for another 60-90 seconds so the filling is totally hot in the middle and the edges are cooked through. Add to sauce immediately, or toss in oil so they don’t stick together, and serve.